Jul 2015- Paris Pre-wedding Special Promotion

Providing different special promotion on every month, we are now offering a surprise promotion for every couple who would like to have pre-wedding photos in Paris.


Paris, another name of “Romance", is the place that couple has to be there once in a life. Included two wedding dress rental service and one tuxedo rental service, you can just pick what your trips are needed and just go~! No wedding dress, tuxedo and accessories are need to prepare from your country~! You just need to visit our studio one day before the shooting day and do the fitting is fine~ Our promotion will be expired on 31 July 2015. and you can choose to have the photo shooting on or before 2015 year end.

Service details (valid for July 2015 only)

Paris Wedding Dress 2 pc
Paris Tuxedo 1 pc
(dress fitting 1 day before shooting)
6-7 shooting hours
4 locations
Professional photographer
30 retouched photos
All high resolution photos (200 pcs)
Wedding album 10″ x 14″

Original HKD29,800
Special HKD19,800

Let’s visit our official website: http://www.youroverseaswedding.com/monthly-promotion.htm
or skype (ID:yowflora) or whatsapp (tel: +852 5300 3360) for further information. Thanks.

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White Dove Bali – A stylish and holy wedding


The White Dove, a Wedding Chapel opening in the Summer of 2014 is the ultimate destination wedding venue perched high on the cliffs of Bali’s southernmost peninsular. With three hundred ornamental white doves placed on the side of the chapel and offering romantic vistas of the Indian Ocean, it is the perfect backdrop to celebrate one of life’s happiest moments.


Designed by Sardjono Sani, The White Dove is a breathtakingly beautiful sanctuary to host wedding nuptials and special events. White doves were incorporated into the design to represent peace, love, harmony and purity. The architecturally stunning pyramid-like structure features elegant glass doors, and seamless windows. 

The White Dove is contemporary-styled and an ultra-luxurious setting for couples seeking a romantic and unforgettable wedding experience. With our professional wedding arrangement and photo shooting, sure you will have the best memorable moment in your life. Let’s check our official website and ask us for details~!
www. youroverseaswedding.com


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Japan Pre-wedding- Experience the Japanese Professional Shooting

007  002

“Made in Japan" is always implied the sincere of the production. To have the pre-wedding photos in Japan, choosing the local shooting team is a must to ensure the quality. However, how to choose a good Japanese photographer and shooting package?

MRZ00070416  002 (3)

1. Japanese wedding dress and tuxedo/ Traditional Kimino
If you do the research in wedding dress, you would know there are different styles for Japanese wedding dress, Korea wedding dress and Western style. To have the pre-wedding shooting overseas, great thing is no need to bring along the wedding dress from your country and no need to take care it in the trip. Our Japan pre-wedding shooting includes the wedding dress and tuxedo rental in Japan different cities, so you no need to bring the dress and care when you need to return the dress back to the shop. Besides, you can enjoy the most Japanese style pre-wedding shooting with Japanese wedding dress and also Kimino, the Japanese wedding dress in shooting.

008  001

2. Translation
You must worry how to communicate with Japanese photographer. We would provide the translator for your shooting (either English or Chinese). Besides, our photographer would communicate with you by different body language, so you can feel easy to communicate with them. With lots of our customers’ good comments, sure you will feel the same and you will know language is always not a problem.

3. Transportation and light lunch is included
With all the items are included, sure you no need to bring along things on shooting day, not even a purse~ All the charges are included in our basic package and what you need to do is enjoy the shooting~

Let’s visit our official website and understand more our Japan pre-wedding shooting service.

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Special Promotion- Phuket Pre-wedding- Jun 2015

Phuket, Paradise of Sunshine and Beach, is always our leisure place in overseas. To enjoy the honeymoon, how can we miss this amazing place – Phuket?

003 028

We are now providing a special promotion for lovers who plan to have trip in Phuket. You and your girlfriend/ bride-to-be/ wife can enjoy half day shooting to memorize your love or celebrate the anniversary~ Our special promotion is available to all couples who join our promotion in Jun 2015, no matter you would like to shoot in 2015 or 2016. So, let’s take the chance and make your Phuket trip being special~! You can always do something special to your love and make your trip more impressive~!!

016  014

Service details (valid for join date in June 2015 only)
Hair and Make-up Stylist
Wedding Dress 1 pc (at Phuket)
Tuxedo 1 pc (at Phuket)
4-5 hours shooting
2 locations
Professional photographer
30 retouched photos
All high resolution photos (150 pcs)
Wedding album 10″ x 14″
Round trip transfer
Original HKD11,800
Special HKD9,800

Please check on our official website for further information or you may skype us for face-to-face consultation (ID: florayow)

  024 009

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Snowy Wedding- Water Chapel & Ice Chapel

Tomamu, where Water Chapel and Ice Chapel is located, provides different winter activities for beginners, intermediate, expert and families. People who like snow in Hokkaido should not miss them~!

001  005

To have wedding in Hokkaido, couples usually choose the period in winter to enjoy the snow in there. For couple who join Water chapel and Ice chapel wedding package, 2 nights accommodations would be included in package and they could freely enjoy the resort and snow park in Tomamu~ Not only the wedding couples, even for the guests whose children are small, could enjoy plenty of activities at the snow park, e.g. Snowshoe walk, Snowmobile ride, Kid’s snowmobiles, banana boat, snow rafting and sled park~ They can also enjoy the private lessons or group lessons to learn the ski and snowboard. Sure you will enjoy the winter trip there~


Besides, there are ice village in there too~ Couple and guests may enjoy the snow park, ice bar, ice cafe, and shopping in ice shops too~ If you are bored with the snow and ice, you can enjoy the “Mina-Mina" beach in Tomamu too~ There is one of Japan’s largest indoor wave pool, with waves created regularly in the enormous 80m-long, 30-m wide “beach"~

Let’s visit our official website and check the Hokkaido wedding here~

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Shirono Church – Okinawa well-designed chapel

The very first designer chapel, SHIRO no KYOUKAI, has been created in the rich natural paradise of Okinawa. The chapel overlooks the beautiful Emerald Beach and the island of Ie and offers a superb view. It is a stylish space planned by a leading designer based on the concept of the “Fukugi" which means “happy tree".


The design of the SHIRO no KYOUKAI was entrusted to Shigeru Yoshino who was responsible for the architectural design of the Tokyo Sky Tree. The chapel design was based on the concept of the “Fukugi" with, for example, the altar stage and roof taking the shape of the Fukugi leaf as the motif in their design. It is an elegant chapel created from the design made by a first-class designer. !

003   001   006

Fell in love with the meaningful design of chapel, let’s consider to have wedding at SHIRO no KYOUKAI~ Please check it our through our official website.

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SeaShell Blue Wedding – The best location for non-self-drivers


If you are looking for Okinawa wedding, you must consider the question of self-driving. Since there are only monorail in Naha city and the transportation in rest of Okinawa have to be relied on bus and self-driving. Without renting a car, it is difficult to visit most chapels in Okinawa.

So, if you would like to have wedding in Okinawa without self-driving, what else you may choose~? Let me introduce SeaShell Blue Chapel to you~!


SeaShell Blue is located inside Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa, which only 20mins from Naha Airport. You may take the taxi to there and it’s near to Naha city. You may enjoy the only natural hot-spring at Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima, shopping at Kokusai Street in Naha, Fish market and all water activities near there. Besides, there are bus from Naha to northern part of Okinawa, you may visit the Aquarium in Okinawa too~


Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa is located in perfect location for exploring the southern area of the island. And you may enjoy the beach pre-wedding photo shooting after the wedding ceremony, which is included in basic wedding package. You also no need to bring any wedding dress and tuxedo there, and just have to visit the studio at Southern beach Hotel and do the dress fitting. It’s completely overseas wedding without relaxing honeymoon~

Let’s visit our official website and check it out~!

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Getting married abroad – Ideas for your overseas wedding

Getting married aboard takes a little more planning but a lot more surprises, a grater sense of fun and freedom for your wedding trip, and it may save your money for your wedding expenses too.

Legal recognition and documents

Contact us to make sure which documents are needed for legal registration. Some couples may suggest to have symbolic wedding ceremony because they would like to have their wedding registration in motherland. You may check with our wedding planner and plan the rundown and schedule for your wedding trip and registration~


It’s always a good idea to visit the location of where you’re getting married abroad before booking anything. Check out venues, talk to wedding suppliers and find out exactly what is possible within the time and budget you have.


When setting a date, check whether it falls in the hurricane, monsoon or very hot dry season. Prices can vary a great deal between low and high season.


Most couples who are getting married abroad cite saving money as the main reason for their decision. Couple may provide the budget amount they would plan to have and wedding planner to make a plan under your budget, so to make sure your wedding would be easily affordable.

Wedding planner

A good wedding planner will often have established relationships with local suppliers and can obtain better deals than if you go direct. Wedding planner would carefully design the wedding plan with your consideration and make your wedding job do easier. Their advice on what is and isn’t possible will also help to make the whole process seamless and fun.


The number of guests is quite important for you to consider the wedding place. Since you may have to consideration of car rental or self-driving matters, and you may have to plan the activities for guests along the trip if there are lots of guests. Ask your family and friends about their comments to different countries would be a great preparation before overseas wedding plan if you would invite guests.

Are you planning on getting married abroad? Let’s visit our official website and open the door to overseas wedding plan~

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Stone & Kogen Wedding- Japan Karuizawa Wedding & Hot Springs Honeymoon

Karuizawa, the nearest highland resort to Tokyo, is the famous summer retreat location for local Japanese and tourists. Influenced by western culture, Karuizawa is well known for many beautiful churches. Both Stone Church and Kogen Church are the most attractive churches not only for tourists but wedding couples. Located at the foot of magnificent Mt. Asama, Hoshino Area boasts its variety of tourists sports such as a good hot spring bath of “Hoshino Onsen Tomboo-no-yu" and cozy cafes and restaurants in “Harunire Terrace". Couples can easily to arrive the resort through free shuttle bus from Karuizawa JR station.



Stone Church
Stone Church was designed in 1988 by Kendrick Kellogg, which harmonize with surrounding nature. Inspired by the rich nature of Karuizawa, Stone Church includes five elements “Stone, Sunlight, Water, Green and Wood" as the concept of “Church in Nature". The arches of glass allow the sunlight come into the church, couples could enjoy the nature spotlight during the wedding ceremony.



Kogen Church
Kogen Church was designed in 1921. Step into the church, you will be covered with a warm atmosphere and a sweet scent out of woods, which makes couple enjoy the natural environment from the smell and the scene. The wedding couple walk along the 14-meter long pure white marble and receive the blessings from guests and pastor. There are 2,000 candlelight at Kogen Church to give the blessing during christmas and summer time~

Let’s visit our official website and contact us for further information of Karuizawa Wedding. Sure you will have the relax honeymoon and amazing wedding ceremony in there~

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Ice Chapel- Experience your unique & special wedding

Planning your wedding in Jan/Feb coming year~? Search the overseas chapels and get bored from the traditional crystal like chapels and wedding~? How about arrange your wedding in chapel made by ice~? Sounds Awesome~!!

Ice Chapel is located near Tomamu JR station in Hokkaido. Joining the ice chapel package, there would be two nights resort accommodation would be included. Couple could enjoy the hot spring, golf course, mall in resort during the trip~

The ice chapel is created every year in winter, therefore it is only available for wedding in January to February/ March (depends on weather). Sure you could arrange a romantic or special Valentine wedding in Ice Chapel~ You may imagine there would be so cold inside the chapel since it is created by ice. No worries for this~ We would provide a long white coat with hat for bride and the chapel is designed as ice house. In design of ice house, the ice chapel is so warm inside~

Let’s start your winter wedding now~!  Please browse your official website for further information.

Youtube introduction:
(Ice Chapel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXYOqzbsDX8

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